Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Working Guidelines 2020.

I have been working hard behind the scenes getting ready with all that is necessary to open my lovely little peace of heaven!  Thank you for reading this page outlining my improved approach to working in my salon.

  1. I will open all doors – you will not be expected to touch any door handles.
  2. On arrival you will be asked to wash your hands downstairs. Disposable paper towels will be provided and disposed of in the bin under the sink.
  3. I am asking all clients to please wear a mask. If you do not have one, or forget your mask, I will provide one for you at a fee of £2.00. You will put this on after washing your hands. I can also provide you with a visor that will be sanitised before your arrival.
  4. I will be wearing a mask (disposable) and visor (sanitised) and gloves (disposable) for each client and will of course have washed my hands before each client arrives.
  5. Unless you need extra assistance I would ask you not to touch the bannisters on the way up the stairs, these will however be sanitised between each client.
  6. The trays have been removed from both of my lamps and replaced with a foil strip which is disposed of after each client.
  7. I will have my usual colour pops and ‘NEW’ exciting colours which will only be handled by me to help you choose.
  8. I have invested in a new cashless payment system, however there will be a £1 surcharge for using this card machine.  I still accept CASH, BACS and CHEQUES!
  9. You can remove your mask and visor once you are outside the front door and take your mask with you as you have purchased it, but I will keep the visor and sanitise it after you leave.
  10. I want more than anything to hug each and every one of you, but will refrain until things return to normal!!!
  11. If you have any of the main and specific COVID-19 symptoms please let me know in advance and I will rearrange your appointment.
  12. Please bring your own drinks /bottles of water/wine !! if you wish. I will sadly not be providing any refreshments for the time being.
  13. If you know other “Gel Addicts!!” that are potentially “Salon-Shy” and fearful of returning to places that may not have these guidelines or attention to detail in place, then feel free to tell them about me. There is a £5 Discount off your next treatment if they book with me!
  14. I will not be offering double appointments for this short transition period, but will of course be delighted to do your Hands and Toes in separate appointments!
  15. I am, and always have been as flexible, open and honest as possible and hope to be able to accommodate all of your needs so don’t hesitate to ask me anything prior to your appointment.
  16. Let’s get back to making ourselves beautiful!